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New To Facebook Advertising?

Are you not sure where to start or how to build on what your car dealership have already implemented,or does it appear to be very complicated?

We Have The Expert Skills

Your dealership can access and deploy the very best of what Facebook has to offer. Allow us to launch and manage your advertising campaigns!

Reach In-Market Shoppers

With a combination of vehicle inventory ads, brand and dynamic vehicle re-targeting ads,your dealership will have an Always-On-Strategy in place!


Sync your showroom's inventory with Facebook,Instagram & TikTok.Deliver cost-effective dynamic ads to In-Market Shoppers in real-time |24/7!


By using Facebook, Instagram and TikTok Ads to promote your dealership, you can quickly and easily keep on building trust in your brand!


Choose from specific campaign objectives to drive brand awareness,increase recognition and reach new people who are likely to be interested in your business.


Sync your website with the social media platforms,drive targeted traffic with dynamic ads & watch visitors become leads,schedule a test-drive or call you directly!


Need a new website or want to improve your existing website? We can help your dealership design and publish a streamlined,mobile optimised website in a short period of time!

Reach In-Market Shoppers With The Right Inventory At The Right Time!

Whether you are just starting out with your Social Media Advertising or struggling with your current efforts,our Know-How and Skills will help your Dealership take the right steps so you can drive more sales opportunities. Whether you are looking to improve your website, launch profitable Social Media Advertising Campaigns or want to receive the most results-based consulting to maximize your returns, we have you covered!

Drive More Sales Strategy

"We want to invite you to join us for a behind the scenes on-screen demo to show you how your Dealership can connect with new audiences,attract online car shoppers to your own website,more than double your leads & drive more sales! Can You Spare 30 Min?"

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be in business for years?

No, whether you are a new or recently esthablished used car dealership or have been around for a long time, your Facebook Marketing will deliver great results irrespective!

What will be expected of me as a business owner?

You must be willing to adapt and be open to implementing modern Facebook Marketing strategies. It is important that you work with us and see your Facebook marketing as a long term investment in yourself and your Dealership, not just as another business overhead or a social media post

What industries do you specialize in?

At this time, we love to work with independent used car dealerships only.We believe to truly master your craft, you have to stay focussed and keep on improving.

What is my best course of action to work with you?

Please join the free video session,watch the video and apply for a strategy session afterwards. Alternatively, you can schedule a free 30 min strategy /screen share call with Willem right away. He will respond promptly!